Take a look around you. Yes, you! Does your workspace leave you feeling clear-headed, focused and motivated? Or does it look like two neighbouring coffee and paper factories exploded?

In the midst of the everyday flurry of work, it’s easy for our desks to become a cluttered mess of old crumbs from hastily munched lunches, coffee spillages, four week old post-it notes, scraps of paper scrawled with crazed hieroglyphics – you name it.

These desktop messes don’t just prevent us from working pleasantly and productively, they can also impact how others view us – and our workplace in general. Whether your manager thinks that you’re a little bit “slap dash” or a visiting client thinks that you’re working in chaos, appearances matter – and they can influence our professional lives.

Time to clean up your act? Here’s a five-minute routine you can perform once a week to keep everything clean, clear and crumb free!

1. Purge the paper

First things first: let’s get rid of all that surface clutter. Grab a wastepaper bin, a carrier bag or kidnap your office’s recycling bin and sort through the papers on your desk. Anything that you no longer need should go straight in the recycling or confidential shredding. Everything else should be sorted into a handy folder or your in-tray.

2. Chuck the junk

From a dried up lip balm to a dead potted plant, it’s easy to let junk accumulate on your desk. This makes it look more untidy and makes it harder to clean. Get rid of anything you’ve not used in the last month – plus any extra crisp packets and paperclip strings too!

3. Scrub up

Now it’s time for some elbow grease. Give your desk (including your unplugged keyboard, mouse and desk phone*) a good spritz with an antibacterial cleaning spray. Then get scrubbing! Our phones and computer equipment are a have for germs, so keeping them nice and clean could even help keep you healthier.

* Need a hand with these items? Check out our dedicated guides on cleaning your computer keyboard, cleaning your computer mouse and cleaning your desk phone.

4. Hoover time

If your office doesn’t have a regular cleaning team, carpets and flooring can look very grimy very quickly. You’d be amazed by the amount of crumbs and dirt we can sprinkle and and stamp into our workstations. Give your space a quick hoover for a fast facelift.

5. Finishing touches

If you want to go the extra mile, spritz your computer monitor with a screen cleaner and polish it up with a microfibre cloth for extra shiny, perfectly clear results. And hey presto! A spotless desk you can feel proud to work at.

Are your office’s workstations looking less than professional? Share this quick clean checklist with your staff or arrange daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly commercial cleaning services. The Abbey Cleaning Service has been keeping the offices of South Wales spotless for decades. Contact us to learn more on 029 2067 9323 today!