Is there anything as demoralising for your staff as expecting them to work with grubby equipment? A crucial part of running a successful business is ensuring your employees feel comfortable, happy and supported. This will ensure that they work as productively and creatively for your business as possible. Ensuring their working environment is clean, tidy and pleasant is an important part of improving staff morale.

Over the past few months we’ve been sharing tips and tricks designed to keep your office or workplace spick-and-span, previously covering the best ways to clean PC keyboards, laptop keyboards and computer screens. In this fresh instalment, we’ll be explaining how to clean a mouse. We’ll be focussing on cleaning an optical mouse (which does not use a physical roller ball) as these are by far the most prevalent type used today.

Time to say goodbye to those sticky triggers and grubby devices!

How to clean an optical mouse


  • An earbud
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A toothpick
  • A simple cloth


  1. First things first, unplug your mouse. Disconnect it from your computer and remove it from the mouse pad (if you are using one).
  2. Turn the mouse upside down. It should have small rubber ‘feet’ on the underside. These are often the first parts of the mouse to collect dirt and grime. Dip your cotton earbud into a small amount of rubbing alcohol and use it to gently clean these areas of debris.
  3. If your mouse is particularly grubby, this technique may not be enough to fully clean the area. In this case, use a toothpick to very carefully remove additional debris from around the edges of the rubber feet, taking care not to damage them as you clean.
  4. Now it’s time to clean your mouse’s ‘eye’ – this is the small central light which helps tell the mouse how the user it moving their hand. Again, dip a clean cotton earbud into the rubbing alcohol and gently clean this small area without rubbing or pressing too hard.
  5. To finish cleaning the underside of the mouse, use a simple damp cloth to give it one final wipe down.
  6. Now it’s time to clean the upper side of your mouse. Turn it over and use another toothpick to very gently remove dirt and dust from between its buttons and along any cracks in the mouse’s design. You can also use this technique to clean out dirt from around the roller wheel (if present).
  7. Finally, use a damp cloth to carefully wipe off any surface dirt or grime. If you’d like to be extra hygienic, apply a small squirt of antibacterial spray to the cloth before wiping the mouse. Do not spray directly onto the mouse and take care that the cloth you use isn’t sodden – a damp cloth will achieve a good clean without risking damage to your equipment.

Don’t forget to give your mouse mat a wipe down before plugging your mouse back in!

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