If you’ve never thought about the cleanliness of the phones used at your place of work, you’re definitely not alone. Much like our smartphones, landline phones are something we use so frequently that we more or less take them for granted. But neglecting your office phone can be a recipe for some pretty nasty bacteria – and simply isn’t very professional.

From ensuring high standards of health and safety at your place of work, to reducing sick leave, making staff feel valued and more generally “keeping up appearances,” there’s a whole host of reasons why giving your office phone a regular clean matters. Here are a few more…

Telephones are bacteria sweet spots

You might associate bathroom and kitchen surfaces with larger doses of bacteria, but in fact it’s the items and surfaces we touch most regularly which are the worst havens for germs and nasties. With so many different hands all touching the office phone throughout the day, after eating, chewing fingernails, patting the dog goodbye – you name it – it makes sense that workplace telephones are downright bacteria riddled, making a quick daily wipe a very good idea indeed.

The office phone could propagate bugs

From sneezes on client calls to coughs while negotiating with a supplier, it’s incredibly difficult to keep our germs away from workplace phones, even when we’re aware we have a cold or a case of the flu. Even imperceptible droplets of saliva could be enough to pass one employee’s “lurgy” to the next (especially with communal phones, such the main office phone for a small office), causing the whole team to start dropping like flies. If you’re keen to minimise sick leave, keeping workplace phones nice and clean should be a priority.

Hygienic offices improve workplace happiness

A well cared for workplace and a pleasant working environment can make a world of difference to how your employees feel – which in turn can make a huge difference to how they perform. A workplace which is uncared for tells staff that you don’t care about their health or even comfort, reducing their happiness and incentive to work hard. Nobody likes a grimy, greasy phone, so ensure yours is kept nice and clean as part of your office cleaning rota.

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