From a hygiene point of view, keeping your keyboard spick, span and crumb-free is an important task. While our staff are always sure to give your equipment a good wipe down, giving your keyboard a thorough clean is a small, fiddly task best left to you. These helpful tips will ensure you do a good job of cleaning it out – without doing any damage.

Note: These instructions are for cleaning a standard, stand-alone computer keyboard. The removal and cleaning of laptop keyboards will vary depending on model. For a quick and universal solution, a small handheld vacuum or a spritz with a can of compressed air should help clean up your keys.

1. Unplug your keyboard

Keyboard USB connectors image
In many ways, this is the most important tip on our list. Don’t risk deleting your documents or accidentally sending random emails to people. While you could consider simply locking the computer (via Ctrl + Alt + Del), it’s safest to unplug altogether. So before you start the cleaning process, unplug your keyboard to ensure no damage can be done – professionally or electrically.

2. Remove your keys

Before you start prying off keys, take a quick picture so that you can remember where they all go. The vast majority of standard, stand-alone keyboard keys are designed to be removable. A blunt instrument (like the end of a flathead screwdriver) works well.
Flathead screwdriver image
To remove, simply slot your weapon of choice underneath a key and gently lever it upwards. Your key should easily pop off. Repeat the process until your keyboard is “naked,” exposing the crumbs, eyelashes and dust beneath. Make sure that you keep all of your keys together in a safe place to avoid losing any essential numbers or letters.

3. Clean the keys

Now it’s time to give all those vowels, consonants and function keys a good clean. A wash in warm, soapy water should do the trick, simply wash and scrub until shiny and clean – then leave to dry on a towel.

4. Clean the keyboard base

Cleaning the base of your keyboard can be a little trickier. You don’t want to get this area wet, so removing the grime may require a few different approaches. As we mentioned before, compressed air is handy for getting dust, crumbs and hair out of tricky places.
Compressed air can burst image
If your keyboard has come into contact with any liquids or you want to make sure that it’s extra hygienic, a gentle wipe with a barely damp cloth moistened with an antibacterial cleaner will do the trick.

5. Replace your keys

Keyboard keys imageNow that picture you took of your keyboard is going to come in really handy. Use your snap to replace your keys, simply pushing them into place until you hear a satisfying click. Plug your keyboard back in – and you’re ready to go!

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