Let’s face it: commercial cleaning probably isn’t high on the priority lists of entrepreneurs nervously launching their long-awaited brainchild. How your carpets will stay clean (especially if they’re light carpets) and how your boardroom will stay fresh probably aren’t things expectant CEOs dream about as they begin to plan their rise to corporate success…

However, even though office cleaning isn’t the most exhilarating aspect of a business, it is still an extremely important part of the everyday running of a company – and one which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Don’t believe that commercial cleaning is crucial to business success? Here are three reasons which might help to change your mind…

1. Looks are everything

This rule may not apply to human beings, but it certainly holds true for businesses – especially younger organisations. Whether you’re attempting to attract new clients, big investors or the best employees in your industry, the appearance of your business can mean make or break.

While one should never judge a book by its cover, offices and workplaces which are dusty, dirty, coffee-stained and poorly cared for can reflect badly upon a business. If a company can’t take care of its office environment, how will it take care of its customer accounts? How will it ensure its finances are neat and tidy?

A poorly cleaned office also hints at a set of values which are at odds with an efficient, effective, dynamic organisation. If a company does not value care and good presentation, perhaps it will not make a good partner, service provider or employer? Ensuring a professional standard of cleaning at your premises indicates that your business is serious, meticulous, well-organised and hard-working.

2. Cleanliness prompts productivity

A well maintained workplace is also important to existing staff. Studies suggest that employees who work in areas with higher levels of surface dust evaluate their productivity as lower. This stands to reason – individuals who feel comfortable and cared for in an environment are more likely to work more effectively compared to staff who feel uncomfortable and uncared for. Employees are more likely to feel well disposed to an employer who invests in them, prompting them to make more effort in our roles.

Everyday environments are a big part of this. Your staff should feel positive about their working space – and they should see the effort their employer puts into maintaining a clean and comfortable work environment for them.

3. You have enough on your plate

Commercial cleaning can be a service that fledgling businesses overlook due to budgetary constraints. However, taking on the role of both cleaner and CEO is (more often than not) a false economy. While you are undertaking cleaning tasks (to an unprofessional standard), you could be working on your expert area: projects and plans which will help to grow your business. Your less-than-professional approach to workplace cleaning – meanwhile – may even cost you valuable new opportunities.

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