The meeting room is often ‘where the magic happens’ for many businesses. Whether you’re impressing potential clients, masterminding smart strategies that will take your company further or nurturing your team with inspiring training, meeting rooms help make it all happen.

That’s why a well-presented meeting room is a crucial asset for any ambitious company. From winning new customers to cooking up creativity, it’s not easy to be at your best when your surroundings are lacklustre.

There are all sorts of ways meeting rooms can let you down. Some are stuffy with a distinct scent of stale coffee and lunchtime sandwiches. Others feature noticeable rings from last week’s cups of tea. Some spaces are little-used and dusty, while others are multi-purpose and show signs of scruffiness, wear and tear.

The Abbey Cleaning Service team have some expert pointers which will leave your meeting room spick, span and perfectly professional.

1. A breath of fresh air

Many 21st century offices are open plan these days – with the exception of closed-off meeting rooms. This means that many meeting spaces can feel stuffy and feature poor ventilation. Stuffy, stale-smelling rooms are not conducive to creativity or productivity, which is why it’s so important to keep them feeling fresh.

Consider adding a subtle plug-in air freshener or reed diffuser to your meeting room (as long as it’s not too overpowering). If your space has windows, air the room out an hour before any visitors arrive. You may also consider banning food from the area to make sure the space smells inviting at all times.

2. Clear the decks

A clean, tidy meeting space is far preferable to a cluttered space which feels neglected. Make sure you keep these spaces free of surface clutter and take a moment to wipe down all surfaces either before or after each meeting so that it’s ready to go for the next session. A twice weekly vacuum (dependent on the amount of foot traffic) will keep the floor clean too.

3. It’s the little things

Although many meetings are productive, we’ve all sat in sessions which seem to last an eternity. In such meetings there’s ample time to really scrutinise the room you’re stuck in. That’s why it’s important not to overlook the little things which can make meeting rooms look less-than-lovely. From mildew on the inside of window frames to unsightly bundles of wires and dust-besmirched TV screens, pay attention to the little things – your guests are likely to notice them all!

4. Finishing touches

From wiping down the whiteboard so that every session feels like a fresh start to adding welcoming touches such as fresh flowers, a water cooler or a bowl of snacks, ‘little extras’ can really make a big difference to how people feel when they visit your meeting room. Invest in these extras to get more from every meeting.

From deep cleans to little touches, The Abbey Cleaning Service has been keeping the offices of South Wales pristine and professional for decades. We offer regular commercial cleaning services and one-off jobs to suit your requirements. Contact us today on 029 2067 9323.