There are all sorts of reasons why a business might choose to install white or light carpets. Bright, pale floor surfaces are brilliant at making rooms appear larger, airier and fresher. Fantastic for bringing a feeling of modernity and sleekness, using white carpeting is a good way to make the most of a workspace. In a professional area it adds a dynamism, while the plush feel of carpeting gives a sense of luxury, sure to impress clients and visitors.

There are, however, just as many reasons why a business may want to run a million miles from light coloured carpeting. The comings and goings of a workforce and visitors can spell disaster for white carpets. No matter how many doormats you place in entryways, dirt will find its way onto your carpeting, leaving visible tracks. Any coffee spill or ‘al desko’ lunch spatter will become immediately visible. In short, light carpets show up dirt like nobody’s business, and require significant maintenance to ensure their pristine presentation.

But all is not lost! Maintaining white carpets in your office is possible. Here are five tips to make it work for your business:

1. Carpet selectively

If you’re in the process of installing light carpeting, don’t cover every inch of your premises. Choose where you will place white carpets carefully, avoiding high footfall areas (entrances and corridors) as well as messier spaces (i.e. the kitchen or the break room). This approach will ensure you can reap the aesthetic benefits of white carpeting in key areas (meeting rooms, for example), without committing to significant upkeep.

2. Install boot scrapers and doormats

A rainy commute and muddy boots could be disastrous for your light carpeting. Install boot scrapers outside your premises and ensure all entrances have good, sturdy doormats which will help remove muck from shoes before entry.

3. Make stain remover accessible

Spills happen – there’s no avoiding it. When they do, however, it’s best to treat the stain as quickly as possible. Keep your offices well stocked with stain remover and the equipment required to get rid of spillages. Our advice on removing coffee stains from carpets might come in handy too.

4. Call in the professionals (or rent a steam cleaner)

A proper deep clean once every 6 months will ensure your office’s white carpet looks as perfect as possible for as long as possible. Steam cleaning is the best way to clean carpets really thoroughly. You may choose to hire a carpet cleaning specialist to take care of the task for you, or you could rent a steam cleaner and undertake the job yourself. Companies like Homebase rent machines from around £22 per day.

5. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Daily vacuuming is a must if you’re a busy business with a light coloured carpet. Alongside dirt, our shoes and work activities mean your carpet will be riddled with crumbs, twigs, paper scraps, pine needles – you name it – by the end of play. While darker flooring conceals this detritus, white carpeting hides nothing. To ease the burden of daily hoovering, why not set up a daily rota with a cleaning specialist?

The Abbey Cleaning Service works with businesses across South Wales to keep carpets clean and premises pristine. Whether you have white carpets or vinyl flooring, we ensure that your office space is gleamingly clean. Book a deep clean or set up a regular cleaning schedule today: 029 2067 9323.