Most of us know about domestic cleaning and office cleaning – but what is commercial cleaning? Is there a difference?

While it might seem obvious at first, it’s still important to know what types of contract cleaning services are available when you’re looking for one that suits your business – especially as the world returns to work in a brand new way.

Different types of contract cleaning

The most common cleaning contracts are:

  • Domestic cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office cleaning

While it’s fairly easy to tell the home and business cleaning services apart, lines are definitely becoming blurred nowadays – with hybrid working and remote working becoming more common. So, let’s make things nice and clear, with an explanation of each type of cleaning contract.

Domestic cleaning

This is a cleaning contract for homes, entered into by the occupants. Even if you’re a tenant, it will still be a domestic cleaning contract, because it’s a service that you have appointed (like hiring a window cleaner, or having an Internet connection installed).

Domestic cleaning covers common household tasks – sometimes including washing dishes and changing bedding. More often, domestic cleaners do tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning down kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re now working from home and have a home office, a domestic cleaning contract will still apply to you: that is, unless you have a specialist business that you run from home, and need a specialist commercial cleaner to help maintain your workspace.

If you’re a landlord, hotelier or building manager who needs communal areas cleaned regularly, then this will count as commercial cleaning – as we’ll explain next.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a catch-all phrase for cleaning any kind of business premises: from retail to retirement homes.

Commercial cleaners tend to be versatile and have lots of specialist equipment – like floor buffers and industrial cleaning tools – but commercial cleaning can also be highly specialised by sector.

As an example – factories, data centres and medical practices have different needs to nightclubs and bars. Some commercial cleaning companies specialise in a few areas or even just one. By investing in dedicated cleaning equipment and staff training, they can give their customers the best results for their requirements.

Office cleaning

This is a specialist type of commercial cleaning contract – and one that we’re especially good at. As the name suggests, it’s cleaning for offices; and while that might sound like a pretty basic task, offices are actually really complex spaces. There are delicate electronics and server rooms, kitchens and toilets, lifts, stairwells, multiple surface types – and lots of people, who are always on the move.

Combined, this makes for a challenging environment to keep clean without causing any disruption.

That volume of foot traffic has a real impact on a company’s bottom line, too. Over time, even the hardest wearing office carpets can become tired and dirty. Specialist commercial carpet cleaning can bring them back to life, removing the need to replace them as often and refreshing the look, feel and yes – even the smell of your office!

Changing workplaces: do you need to change your commercial cleaning schedule?

You might be wondering if you need to clean your office as regularly if you have fewer staff working from your offices now.

Office cleaning contracts are agreed based on need – and as many workplaces are now offering a hybrid model (mixing working from home with office days), we understand that those needs are changing.

But we’ve noticed that, while some businesses are scaling back, others are increasing the frequency of their office cleaning services as a safeguard against workers becoming sick.

Even with reduced numbers working from offices, there’s a risk of people getting unwell; not just from COVID, but from all the other bacteria and viruses that workers are being reintroduced to.

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That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep workspaces clean – building back slowly and safely for everyone.

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