Cleaning office bathrooms is a job which most businesses choose to leave to the professionals. However, bathroom cleaning doesn’t have to be a tricky or unpleasant task. For business owners who are keen to roll up their sleeves, don their rubber gloves and save some money, keeping toilets and sinks in spotless condition isn’t an insurmountable task.

It is important that you do bathroom cleaning properly, however. Sub-par cleaning can render your premises unhygienic, with potential negative health consequences for your workforce. A bathroom which feels dirty and uncared for will have a negative impact on staff morale, too. So, with that in mind, let’s get stuck into some professional office bathroom cleaning tips…

1. Get equipped

Having the right “gear” will make keeping your workplace bathroom clean and hygienic a whole lot easier. Ensure your bathrooms are kitted out with automatic soap dispensers to improve hand hygiene and minimise sticky messes caused by bar soap. Installing effective hand dryers will also improve hygiene and reduce paper waste (which also means less mess to pick up and dispose of).

In terms of cleaning products, ensure your bathroom and supply closet are well stocked with environmentally friendly cleaning products, including reusable microfibre cloths, toilet brushes, toilet cleaner and anti-bacterial surface spray. You may also require a glass cleaner to keep mirrors mark-free. An eco-friendly alternative is easy to make from a mixture of water and vinegar (add a few drops of essential oil to add a pleasant fragrance).

2. Set up a schedule

When you’re running a business, non-essential tasks such as bathroom cleaning can quickly fall behind on your to-do list. Decide on a schedule you can stick to, which is practical given the level of usage your bathrooms receive. A deep clean once a week should suffice for small businesses, although an extra mid-week “quick clean” will ensure your facilities remain in good condition.

3. Create a checklist

To ensure your bathrooms stay sparkling clean, it’s important to pay attention to all areas. Set up a checklist to ensure no important elements go ignored. To complete a full clean of office bathrooms you should:

  1. Empty and clean sanitary bins.
  2. Clean the exterior, then interior, of all toilets.
  3. Clean flooring, taking particular care in corners and behind toilets.
  4. Clean surfaces including sink surrounds, doors and door handles.
  5. Wipe down accessories (including soap dispensers and hand dryers).
  6. Clean and polish mirrors.
  7. Replace toilet rolls, soap, paper towels etc.

4. Complete spot checks

Make regular spot checks in office bathrooms to ensure facilities are clean, hygienic and well stocked. From muddy mornings to toilet paper unspooling, there are lots of small issues which can lead to your bathrooms looking unclean and unprofessional. Regular check-ups will ensure they are dealt with as they arise.

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