Hard floors are not without their charms, and a lot of workspaces opt for hard flooring – be it wood, laminate, lino, or just bare concrete. Sometimes, they’re a perfect match for the look and feel of a building, and the style of a business.

They’re really quick and easy to clean. And of course, some workplaces must use wipe-clean surfaces absolutely everywhere.

But there’s something to be said for carpets, especially in an office environment. They feel good underfoot, and offer more comfort. They’ve got great insulating properties, which can count for a lot in the winter months.

And one of their best features (one that’s not often talked about) is how well office carpets can absorb high frequency sounds.

Hard floors in a busy office aren’t just visually reflective – they’re acoustically reflective, too.

Sound waves bounce off them, making the space sound echoey, and often far louder than it already is. Carpets – even the cheapest and thinnest available – can significantly reduce the high frequency sounds that human ears are sensitive to.

Sound diffusion and absorption is probably the biggest benefit of having office carpets, but because it’s invisible, it’s rarely prioritised.

Carpets can also be safer, with fewer slip hazards, as long as they’re in good shape – which brings us onto our first point when considering office carpet cleaning versus new, cheap office carpet…

Can carpet cleaning make old carpets new again?

Can cleaning office carpets restore them to new?

Not all the time, no.

If the carpet has tears, or has worn down to the base weave, no amount of cleaning is going to save it. You might be able to repair holes or patch the carpet over in it’s most heavily worn areas – but you’ll have a tough time matching it up, especially as colours fade and change over time.

Patchwork carpets might not be for everyone, but if that’s your vibe, then who’s to judge?!

All that being said, office carpet cleaning does a surprising amount of the heavy lifting during restoration, provided that the carpet is intact. Age-old dirt can be lifted, leaving the carpet looking as good as new. Stains that you’d thought were in there for good can be tackled remarkably well by a professional carpet cleaner.

Proper office carpet cleaning is a combination of professional equipment and expert knowledge – and at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we’re happy to report that we’re in possession of both.

One thing we do know for sure is that a good quality carpet is always better than a cheap one – so if your office carpet is beyond cleaning, or you don’t think it can be saved, it’s always worth a try.

What you shouldn’t try is to save a few quid by getting a cheap office carpet to replace it.

You’ll only end up buying it again, really soon.

Cheap office carpet is false economy

The thing is, if you buy cheap office carpets to replace your old ones, they will need cleaning anyway – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow – but someday. A muddy, wet winter will inevitably mean dirty shoe prints and a musty smell. But the floor can start looking tired, even if you were to put in a no shoes policy!

Things get dropped and spilled in offices all the time. And a cheap carpet doesn’t stand up to punishment in the same way a good quality weave does. For a start, cheap carpets are easier to compress – and what starts as a bouncy, soft layer of carpeting can quickly become paper thin with enough footfall.

After a matter of months, you’ll notice the edges of the carpet – around walls, under desks and away from doorways – are springy and new-looking; but every other part of it will be worn flat. Rolling office chairs can dig channels into the carpet in hardly any time. No amount of carpet cleaning can fix that!

Investing in the right office carpet in the first place is really important. You can have nice, comfortable fitted carpets that are long-lasting. It just takes a little maintenance.

Get a good office carpet – and take care of it

If you’ve got new carpets coming into your office, make the most of the investment.

Get some new door mats and boot scrapers by entrances. Get a vacuum cleaner over it as often as possible, to limit the amount of dirt that gets mashed into the fibres. And schedule a regular deep clean for your office carpet, to avoid build-ups; every six months or so should do the trick.

To find out more about office carpet care, read our posts on maintaining light-coloured office carpets and our tips for cleaning carpets in break rooms.

And if you’re in need of a professional, commercial carpet cleaning service, you’re already in the right place.

Keep your office carpets happy

The Abbey Cleaning Service provides professional office carpet cleaning services in Cardiff. Call 029 2067 9323 today – and find out how we can deep clean your office carpets, without disrupting your business.