Christmas is an unusual time of year for businesses. From extra treats and snacks to Christmas parties and presents, this period combines unusual amounts of mess and foot traffic with periods of unusual inactivity as you close for the holidays.

Whether you’re welcoming guests, clients and contacts to your workplace this season, or simply want to keep your space spick and span, we’ve compiled some helpful tips which will help you to keep the place in good nick while Old St Nick does his thing.

1. Invest in cleaning products

From hot chocolate and mince pies to mulled wine and spilled glitter, Christmas can be a very messy time for workplaces. Before the season commences, make sure your workplace is properly stocked with the kit that you need to take care of sticky spills, accidental stains and general mess. Invest in a good stain remover (especially if you’re hosting your office Christmas party at your place of work) as well as plenty of surface cleaning products to cover all eventualities – particularly in shared kitchen areas!

2. Recycle more regularly

Whether you’re doing an office Secret Santa or simply sending around Christmas cards, it’s likely that there’s going to be much more recycling floating around the office this December. Encourage your team to stay on top of their recycling, and make sure that your bins are emptied more regularly in order to prevent untidy overflow.

3. Clean your windows

This may seem like a summer job, but over the wintry dark months, windows can get grungy without us even noticing, especially with all that rain and condensation to contend with. To ensure that your office or workplace shines this Christmas, give your windows a good clean. This will also help you ensure you’re making the most of the little natural light which does reach us during December, helping to boost morale.

Read more window cleaning-related tips here: 5 Smart Tips to Keep Your Windows Sparkling All Year Round.

4. Double-up on hoovering

Christmas is a very busy time for any workplace. Whether you’re welcoming guests, clients or letting your staff head out for a snowball fight (when that white stuff eventually settles!), there’s going to be a lot more foot traffic in your premises, which means that it’ll take more work to keep your flooring nice n’ clean. Whether you mop, sweep or hoover, double-up on your floor cleaning rota to keep up appearances and pay attention to your floors to ensure that your space looks up to scratch.

5. Don’t get a cold

Regularly disinfecting surfaces – especially shared surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens – is key to preventing the colds and illnesses that can spread quickly in closed-up, centrally heated workplaces full of winter colds. Make sure that surfaces are wiped regularly and hand sanitisers are readily available for all staff. And remember: happy, healthy staff are productive staff!

Whether you need the Christmas blow-out tidied up or want to book more regular cleans over the Christmas period, The Abbey Cleaning Service can help. As one of South Wales’ longest serving office cleaning companies, we help workplaces from Cardiff to Cwmbran to stay sparkling all year round. For more information or to book a slot, contact our friendly office cleaning team today on 029 2067 9323.

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