The old wives and romantics sometimes say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, in turn, your business’ windows offer insights into your company and your professionalism.

Another oft-heard saying runs: “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but if that cover is looking grubby and worse for wear, we’d argue that you’re much less likely to want to open the book and much more likely to judge it negatively. That’s why keeping your business’ windows immaculate is a worthwhile task for any company.

Whether your employees are inside looking out, or prospective and current clients are looking in, less than sparkling windows are not good for morale or for the impression that you make as a company. Keeping them clean shows that you run a tight ship, ensures employees feel that they are in a premises (and a role) which is cared for, and puts your best foot forward as a business.

Ready to get polishing? Keen to keep your windows looking spotless for longer? These tips will help…

1. Wash on a cloudy day

Whether you’re cleaning the inside or the outside of your windows, make sure you choose a cloudy day to do it. When the sun in beaming, the water used on your windows will dry before you’ve had time to carefully sluice or squeegee it away, which will lead to the liquid drying in streaks. Choose a cool, cloudy day to achieve a truly flawless finish.

2. Add washing up liquid

For the inside of windows, you may simply be using a window cleaning spray and a cloth. For a more professional finish, a squeegee and warm soapy water will make all the difference. Many window cleaning pros will swear by adding a small squirt of washing up liquid to the mix as it helps to cut through any grease, inside or out, caused by the environment or sticky fingers.

3. Keep your squeegee dry

A sponge or cloth are not the best pieces of kit for cleaning windows. For a truly sparkling finish, use a squeegee to sluice away liquid smoothly and efficiently. For the best results, dry the squeege blade between each new stroke for a totally streak-free final result.

4. Dry the edges

Your squeegee won’t get rid of all excess liquid, no matter how handy you are with it. Typically you’ll have some residue water around the edges of your panes. Use a chamois leather cloth to wipe away this extra liquid, buffing in small circles for a perfect smudge-free pane.

5. Call in the professionals

Cleaning the exterior of second floor windows or above is not recommended for non-professionals. Not only is working at height dangerous, it’s also surprisingly tricky to get a great clean. For your safety and to attain best results, make sure that you call in the pros.

We offer both external and internal window cleaning services to both commercial and domestic clients across Cardiff and the South Wales region. We’ve been providing cleaning services in the local area for over 40 years, making our team one of the longest serving and most trusted in the region. For window cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and much more, call The Abbey Cleaning Service now on 029 2067 9323.

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