Window cleaners typically take care of your panes’ exteriors, but what’s the best way to remove grubby fingerprints from the inside of office windows? Giving your windows a wipe may not be at the top of your list of workplace chores, but paying a little attention in this department can make a big difference to the look and feel of your office.

Why get wiping?

However committed and focussed your staff, we’re willing to bet that your teams spend at least a few minutes each day staring out of your workplace’s windows. No matter what view lies outside, ensuring your windows are bright and sparkling clean will improve their mood and morale.

Cared for workplaces make staff feel cared about. Neglected spaces make occupants feel overlooked and demotivated. While dusty windows covered in smears might not seem like a big problem, the negative message dirty windows send could directly impact workplace happiness and productivity at your business.

If your offices are client-facing, it’s worth considering the message your premises sends to your visiting customers and contacts. Does your building feel bright, fresh and clean? Or are neglected corners (like grubby windows) giving your clients a negative impression?

5 window washing ‘hacks’

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on cleaning your office windows? These helpful hacks will help you get them clean…

1. Protect the area

Washing the insides of windows can result in run-off which drips onto your walls and floor. To prevent this, open your window and hang an old towel over the sill before cleaning. Alternatively, roll the towel up and pop it on the windowsill, if this makes cleaning easier.

2. Wait for the clouds

On hot sunny days, windows dry very quickly. While this may sound beneficial, it is a recipe for streakiness. If your windows dry before you’ve have time to properly buff them, the end result will be a seriously streaky surface.

3. ‘Pick your poison’

For getting rid of built-up grime, many cleaning aficionados recommend a mixture of warm water with a healthy squirt of vinegar. If you just want to remove flecks of dust and fingerprints, a squeeze of washing up liquid will do the job (without risking making your office smell like a Friday night chip shop…)!

4. Squeegee away streaks

If you want to attain sparkling clean windows, a squeegee is the best piece of kit you could invest in. Start by washing the edges of your windows with a damp cloth, before moving on to the centre. Once you’ve scrubbed the surface, squeegee the moisture from your window, wiping the implement with a clean cloth every couple of strokes.

5. Rub dry

To ensure a streak free finish, use a dry cloth to buff away any remaining moisture, using small circular motions. Some experts recommend using dry newspaper for this part of the process. Make sure the ink on your paper isn’t water soluble first. Some papers will work well as window buffers, others will take you back to square one!

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