If you’re a small business without an office cleaner, you’ll know how tricky it can be to stay on top of the office cleaning basics. Rallying your employees or colleagues to do their bit with the hoovering, recycling and bathroom maintenance is next to impossible and – as an SME owner – chances are you have even less time to keep your professional premises spick-and-span.

Yet appearances count. If you want to impress potential clients, give visitors a good first impression and keep your team’s morale high, a well-maintained, clean office space is a must. The ‘big picture’ cleaning tasks are, of course, essential… however it’s often the little things which can really get on top of small businesses, leading to an overall build up of grubbiness. If you’re running your own cleaning rota, these are the five small things you should schedule in to ensure that your space is a spotless and pleasant working environment.

1. Computer Towers

Whether they’re to be found under desks or on top, computer towers are dust magnets. This doesn’t just make your office look scruffy, it can also be bad news for allergy sufferers or even affect the functioning of your equipment if dust build-up becomes serious.

A simple duster will help keep computer towers dust-free, but make sure that you really get behind the equipment and between the wires to give it a thorough tidy-up. You may wish to turn off and unplug your computer while doing this in order to get a better clean and ensure that you don’t lose any unsaved work as you dust.

2. Keyboards

For office workers, keyboards can get very grimy, very quickly – impacting morale and looking less than professional. Many office cleaners will give keyboards a shake and a wipe to remove debris and stickiness, but it’s a good idea to give keyboards a deep clean at least once every three months – here’s how to do it yourself.

3. Stock Rooms

Often home to cleaning supplies, highlighter pens and broken whiteboards, stock rooms are often the most neglected area of an office. Your clients may not see the dank and cobwebby depths of your stock room, but your employees will. The more organised and usable your stock room, the more efficiently your business can run. Take some time every six months to give this space a spring clean, getting rid of items that you no longer need and tidying it up.

4. Microwaves

If your office has kitchen facilities, one of the least cared-for pieces of equipment is usually the microwave. Once your staff’s Tupperware lunches have been reheated, this poor device can look less than pristine. A weekly deep clean will help ensure that your kitchen area look professional and remains hygienic.

5. Skirting Boards

The dust and dirt that accumulates on skirting boards is often difficult to spot as it collects gradually over time. Yet grubby skirting boards can have a big, negative impact on the appearance of your space, no matter how well hoovered your premises is. To prevent dust building up, run a damp cloth spritzed with cleaning spray around your skirting once a month to ensure your professional space looks spotless.

Which office cleaning tasks do you struggle with? Here at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we offer flexible office cleaning services to businesses across South Wales – whether you need a one-off spruce up or an on-going cleaning rota. To find out how we can help you, contact us today on 029 2067 9323.

[Image credit – Jeffrey Beall]