It’s not often that you give much thought to the ceiling at your place of work. But it may be time to start paying them some attention, especially if your interior “roof” is made up of acoustic ceiling tiles.

These types of tiles are instantly recognisable, as they’re widely used across the UK in schools, practical communal spaces and offices. They’re also highly practical. Designed to be fire-resistant, to muffle sound between floors and to improve the quality and circulation of air, these humble ceiling tiles serve several very important functions.

These crucial functions can be impeded if your tiles are allowed to become dirty and dusty. There’s also the aesthetic impact of less-than-lovely ceiling tiles to consider. It’s worryingly easy to get used to problem patches, dirt and stains –¬†especially in hard to reach areas. Over time, our brains have an impressive propensity to tune these messes out… but even when we can’t clock them, our clients, customers and contacts certainly can.

The look of stained or dirty roof tiles creates an immediately dingy and uncared-for look in any workplace, therefore detracting from the professionalism and pleasantness of the area. If your roof tiles need a spring clean, here are a few methods you might want to try…

1. Clean your your ventilation system

If your workplace has a ventilation system, it could be contributing to the appearance of dirt or dust on your ceiling tiles. Trapped dust particles can pick up static in unmaintained ventilation systems, causing them to cling to your tiles and making your ceiling look dirtier faster. Clean out ducts annually, keep up frequent maintenance and regularly replace filters to prevent the problem.

2. Turn your hoover upside down

A spot of upside down hoovering is a great, speedy way to reduce the appearance of dirt and dust on your ceiling. If your hoover is light and portable, flip it and go over your tiles to leave them looking much cleaner. Hoover too heavy? Then give the tiles an old-fashioned sweep with a broom instead. Don’t forget to vacuum carpets and surfaces to clear them of debris afterwards.

3. Try hydrogen peroxide

If you’re confident using a strong enzymatic cleaner, applying a hydrogen peroxide-based professional cleaning product to your dirty tiles will make a world of difference. If you don’t know these products well, call in the professionals to do it safely for you. This technique is great for ceiling tiles in spaces like kitchens where smoke and grime leave tiles looking dirty far faster.

From cleaning your ceilings to conducting regular after-hours cleans, The Abbey Cleaning Service team work flexibly at your convenience to clean your office and make sure it shines. We’ve been ensuring South Wales’ workplaces are spick and span for more than 40 years. To make an enquiry, please call us today on 029 2067 9323.

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