Is your commercial space in need of a clean-up? Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current cleaning service or considering taking on a professional cleaner for the first time, taking a moment to consider and implement a system which fits your business can make a big, positive difference.

Should you arrange for daily cleaning? Perhaps a weekly spruce-up will do the trick? Maybe your team are good at keeping your premises in good condition and a monthly deep clean is all that’s required to ensure that your offices stay tidy? Frequency is an important issue to consider.

Your cleaning schedule is another key area to put some thought into. Will you be available after hours so that your cleaning team can come in and work their magic? Perhaps your offices really need a spruce-up after lunch in order to make sure that your areas look professional? For some businesses, an early morning clean is the best option. Again, taking a moment to consider these questions will help you to implement a professional cleaning solution that fits seamlessly into your business, enhancing your professional world.

Here at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we work hard to make sure that our clients across Cardiff and South Wales have a rota and a schedule that suits them best. From site visits and meetings, to carefully tailored training for our team when we work with a new client, we go out of our way to offer convenient cleaning that ticks all of our clients’ boxes. That’s why we’re well placed to offer advice on implementing a smart cleaning rota.

So, which setup will work best for you?


Firstly, how often should it be?


Does your professional space receive a high level of footfall and frequent visits from clients and contacts? If your premises is busy and home to a large number of staff, daily cleaning is a good idea – particularly if you’re keen to impress visitors with a professional appearance. To keep up appearances and keep down costs, you may want to consider scheduling four “quick cleans” (hoovering, wiping surfaces, etc.) and one deeper clean at the end of the week.


For smaller businesses with a less “outward facing” setup, a weekly clean should be enough to keep your space comfortable for your employees. If you can implement good habits amongst your staff (e.g. always using recycling bins, wiping down the kitchen after use, running the dishwasher regularly, and so on) then this schedule should keep your space tidy – if not immaculate.


For very small businesses where team members are happy to chip in and undertake housekeeping tasks themselves, a monthly deep clean should be satisfactory. Monthly deep cleans are also a good idea for larger businesses with daily or weekly cleaning rotas in place. A major tidy and spruce up once a month will work wonders and make mess manageable.

On Demand

Not all businesses operate 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – and not every commercial space has regular cleaning requirements. If your premises sees varied use, working with a professional cleaner on an ‘on demand’ basis may be the right option for you instead.


Of course you can schedule cleaning for any time of day, however these three options are often the most convenient.

Before hours

If you tend to get to work before your staff, a pre-working hour clean can be the best option. This ensures that your cleaners can do their job without your staff under their feet. It also ensures that your space is spick-and-span before your team arrives. If you feel comfortable leaving your key with cleaners, there’s no need to get out of bed or commit to the same schedule, either.

After hours

Perhaps you’re more likely to work later than your staff. If so, ‘after hours’ cleaning may be the right option for you. Again, this setup will ensure that your space is clean and sparkling ready for the next morning.

After lunch

Lunch can make a mess. If you want your space to look spotless for afternoon visitors, a spruce-up after lunchtime will help to remove food smells, crumbs and clutter.

Keen to set up your own seamless professional cleaning solution? We’re here to help. As Cardiff and South Wales’ go-to commercial cleaning company, the team at The Abbey Cleaning Service can help you create a schedule and a system which works in step with your set up. To learn more and to discuss your requirements, contact us today!

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