There are thousands of costly computer cleaning products out there on the market. From compressed air to specialist sprays, cleaners for consumer electronics can get mind-bogglingly pricey, especially when you consider that the vast majority are little more than water and alcohol.

Here at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we use the most effective products to keep commercial premises spotless, but we also know that you don’t need to spend a packet for a powerful cleaner – in fact, sometimes it’s possible to make a “just as effective” cleaning product from scratch.

If you’d like to give your technology a little TLC in-between visits from your cleaning team, this helpful and easy-to-make recipe will create a really cheap computer cleaner which works really well. Just make sure that you follow the instructions and do not use the cleaner on inappropriate surfaces – we’ll outline those later.

How to Make a Simple Computer Cleaner


  • 250ml rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropryl alcohol)
  • 250ml distilled water (only use distilled water, as tap water and spring water can leave behind a visible residue if used to clean)
  • A small spray bottle
  • A label
  • Alcohol alternative: If you do not have access to rubbing alcohol, plain vinegar is a good substitute. It does not dry as quickly as isopropryl alcohol and will give a strong vinegary aroma, but the cleaning power is just the same – handy when you’re looking for a quick cleaning solution.


  1. This recipe couldn’t be easier. Simply mix together 1 part rubbing alcohol with 1 part distilled water and decant into your spray bottle. If you’d like to make more of the cleaner, simply increase the quantities evenly.
  2. Label your bottle clearly to prevent any unfortunate mix-ups.
  3. Check that your computer screen is safe to use with an alcohol-based cleaner (most are fine, but some more specialist devices may have oleophobic coatings which can be affected by regular use of an alcohol-based cleaner).
  4. Spritz onto your screen and use a clean cloth to wipe away dirt, dust and grime.


  • Computer screens
  • Laptop screens
  • Smartphone screens
  • MP3 players
  • Computer mice
  • Keyboards (lightly)


  • Screens with oleophobic coatings
  • Live electrical elements

We’ve got lots of handy cleaning tips to share at The Abbey Cleaning Service. We have been keeping the commercial spaces of Cardiff, South Wales and beyond spick and span for over 40 years, which means that we have more than a few cleaning tricks up our sleeves…!

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