It’s not easy keeping an office spotless. Commercial spaces can quickly become cluttered and grubby thanks to high footfall and the demands of a busy business. If you’re taking on the task of cleaning your office alone, or hiring a self-employed cleaner to keep your space spick and span, getting organised and sticking to a schedule can make all the difference.

This professional office cleaning checklist has been broken down into three easy sections: daily, weekly and monthly. Keeping up with the essential tasks on this list will help you tackle problem areas & maintain great upkeep so you can make a professional impression on clients, contacts and connections.

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Office cleaning checklist image 1Staying on top of daily upkeep will ensure your office feels fresh and welcoming for colleagues and contacts. These daily jobs will prevent mess, dirt and rubbish from building up, so you can stay on top of your spotless office. Crucial daily tasks should include:

  • Keeping the office clear of surface clutter
  • Emptying waste & recycling bins, cleaning and disinfecting where necessary
  • Loading & unloading the office dishwasher
  • Wiping & cleaning any food preparation areas
  • Wiping & cleaning any areas used for eating
  • Hoovering high footfall areas

If you have time, or if your office is prone to collecting dirt and debris, you should also consider:

  • Hoovering the entire floorspace
  • Using a damp cloth to wipe down desks & surfaces
  • Mopping hard flooring areas
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom facilities
  • Wiping down door handles & light switches
  • Dusting & wiping computer monitors


Office cleaning checklist image 2These are slightly more labour intensive jobs which require a little extra elbow grease compared to daily tasks. They’ll prevent mess from building up and they’ll keep everything in great working order too. Weekly tasks include:

  • Polishing glass, mirrors & metallic surfaces
  • Cleaning walls & painted surfaces where required
  • Refilling soap dispensers
  • Deep cleaning & disinfecting bathroom facilities
  • Window cleaning (where possible)
  • Emptying & cleaning communal fridges
  • Cleaning communal kitchen appliances


Office cleaning checklist image 3While daily tasks will help you stay on top of everyday mess and weekly tasks will prevent standards slipping, monthly tasks involve those “little jobs” which aren’t too pressing but can make all the difference to how clean and welcoming your office environment feels. These small tasks include:

  • Hoovering fabric chairs and fabric surfaces
  • Dusting the office from top to bottom
  • Hoovering any vents which may have collected dust
  • Deep cleaning carpets with a steam cleaner when required
  • Polishing & maintaining hard floors when required

As you can see, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in a professional office takes time and elbow grease. For some businesses, keeping up appearances can be taken on alone however, for the vast majority, outsourcing cleaning to a commercial cleaning company saves a great deal of time, energy and effort.

Here at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we’ll be thoroughly impressed if you can take on office cleaning single-handed – however, if you need backup, we’ve been keeping the offices of Cardiff and South Wales neat and tidy for more than 40 years. To discuss your own office cleaning checklist and to find out about our competitive cleaning rates and rotas, get in touch today on 029 2067 9323.