We had a busy summer at The Abbey Cleaning Service. Our client base includes a number of academic organisations here in Cardiff and across South Wales, which means that we’ve been working hard to get everything from university buildings to halls of residence spick and span in time for the new academic year.

Alongside deep cleaning, strip and seal cleaning is a big part of the work we do to prepare student halls for a fresh term and a fresh round of eager students come term time. If you haven’t come across the strip and seal technique before, its likely that you’re going to hear a lot more about it in the future as an increasing number of businesses and professional cleaners discover the benefits of the process.

So what exactly is strip and seal cleaning? And how is it used to give old floors a brand new lease of life? We thought that we’d introduce you to the technique…

What is strip and seal cleaning?

Sometimes, after a long period of heavy use, there’s nothing for it but to strip flooring back to its original state and start all over again. This is the approach strip and seal uses to clean and restore a range of flooring types.

Predominantly used to cost-effectively revamp vinyl flooring and linoleum floors, the technique first removes the upper surface of the flooring. This upper surface is typically comprised of sealer, which can accumulate dirt, scuffs and damage over time. Often the vinyl “under layer” is unscathed, which means that after the sealer has been stripped, a new coat of sealer can be applied to restore the floor to its former state, dramatically improving its appearance and condition with no need to lay new flooring.

Before a new coat of sealer is applied, the original layer is given a deep clean, removing all dirt, dust and residue to ensure the floor is in mint condition, ready for a fresh coat of sealer. After the new sealer has set, flooring can look “good as new,” and the reapplied coat can keep it in great condition for even longer.

Should I use strip and seal in my property?

If your property or premises use laminate, vinyl, tile or linoleum flooring, strip and seal could be a smart alternative to the costly, environmentally unfriendly and time-consuming process of entirely replacing a floor. Take a look at your flooring – does it look grubby and a little worse for wear no matter how hard you scrub? Stripping back that upper layer of sealer can remove the majority of dirt and grime, while a new coat of sealer will ensure you maintain that clean, “new floor” look for a minimum of a year.

It’s well worth asking for further information about strip and seal cleaning if:

  • You’re keen to give your flooring a face lift
  • Your flooring has a grubby appearance but is otherwise in good condition
  • You’d like to save on the cost of installing new flooring
  • You’re looking for a quick and effective way to improve the look of your interiors
  • You’d like to extend the lifespan of vinyl or laminate flooring

Would you like to learn more about strip and seal cleaning? As one of Cardiff and South Wales’ longest established commercial cleaning companies, we’re strip and seal experts, sprucing up dozens of floors using the technique this past season. For more information about the process and your floors’ suitability – along for a competitive quote – please contact our team today.

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