After working from home for so long – and many of us still are – returning to the office can feel conflicted. On the plus side, the world feels like it used to again. We can see our work friends, customers and clients once more. Meetings and business travel are back on.

Business as usual has never felt so good.

On the other hand… rolling out of bed and into your own kitchen at 8:45am has given way to traffic jams, expensive fuel and hectic commutes – only for you to arrive at an office kitchen without your favourite coffee, and no way of getting a decent breakfast to start your day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few additions, tweaks and office kitchen ideas, you could make work feel a lot more like home at break times.

A great office kitchen doesn’t need to be huge (or costly)

The key to having good office kitchen ideas in the first place is not just knowing what you and your team wants – it’s knowing what you’ve got to work with.

There’s no use planning for a full size espresso machine if you haven’t got the space (or the budget) for one. Get measuring, and find ways to use the space effectively – stacking safely and using modular kitchen storage is the way forward.

If space is tight – and stuff keeps getting buried in cupboards – try using shelving instead of units.

Once you’ve got a floor plan, and measurements for counter space and units, then you can start thinking about furniture, colours – and the all important office kitchen gadgetry.

There’ll be some non-negotiables, like a fridge, kettle, and a microwave – but beyond that, it’s mostly “nice to have” rather than essential. What’s more important is that it’s well-stocked, easy to use and that everything works.

To create a great office kitchen, you don’t necessarily need a huge space; you just need to know how to use it. Less is more in a small space, so pare it down to the basics, and do them really well.

Provide decent, reliable equipment, with a good place for cleaning and washing up – and make the kitchen as effortless as possible for busy staff to maintain.

Make it easier for teams to clean up after themselves

The office kitchen is rarely anyone’s idea of a life priority. Especially when there’s work to be done. It’s easy to start pointing fingers – but it’s even easier to listen to your team’s needs and find ways of making the process of essential kitchen care easier. Here are some office kitchen ideas to help with day-to-day care:

  1. If you have the space for one, install an office dishwasher. It’ll save hours out of your team’s lunch times every week, and will solve almost all of your problems with dirty dishes (read more: Cleaning the Office Dishwasher).
  2. No dishwasher? Then make sure you have well-maintained sinks and draining racks. Stock up with lots of cleaning cloths, anti-bac spray, sponges and washing up liquid. Have visible, accessible cleaning supplies. It might seem silly to even mention this stuff, but it’s actually surprisingly rare to find a well-stocked office kitchen!
  3. If dirty dishes and crockery tend to pile up, try removing some – and leave just enough. This will force people to clean up once the clean dishes are all gone, and help reduce the all too common washing up backlog.
  4. Fridge full of mouldy old forgotten food? Consider using beer fridges, so everyone can see what’s inside (and when it’s turning mouldy!).

Office kitchen ideas – what to include

Besides a dishwasher and glass-fronted fridges, what else can you add to your office kitchen to make it a more pleasant place? Try these office kitchen ideas:

  • No-touch bins – especially in a post-COVID world – are an easy win.
  • A toaster goes a long way – and a hotplate or panini press goes even further…
  • A bean to cup coffee machine is going to make a lot of people happy, as long as it’s well-maintained (read more: How to Clean the Office Coffee Machine)
  • Keep the fridge and cupboards stocked with fruit, milk, bread and snacks – like people would have at home
  • If there’s enough space, make it communal. Designate prep areas, seating areas and cleaning stations, just like any other functioning kitchen.

Of course, with all this new stuff in your office kitchen, you might be looking for a helping hand with cleaning it. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Keep that office kitchen sparkling clean

The Abbey Cleaning Service is a professional team of office cleaners in Cardiff, who know their way around an office kitchen. Call 029 2067 9323 today – and find out how we can conduct a thorough clean at your office, without disrupting your business.