Sometimes the gap between a cluttered commercial space and a spick and span office can be bridged with just a few mental and physical tweaks.

Whether you employ a commercial cleaning team or take care of your office cleaning yourself, you’ll know that there is a big difference between ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’. You’ll also know that the latter can seriously hamper the former, even with professional cleaning teams on the case. Keeping a cluttered, messy space clean can be a difficult and lengthy process, which makes keeping your commercial premises free of clutter an important task.

Some of us, however, are just naturally messy people. In other cases, the hectic demands of professional life can cause mess to build up rapidly while you and your staff are getting on with your jobs.

If your office is perennially messy, it’s time to make a change. These 4 tips will help you alter your approach mentally and physically, helping you to stay on top of mess and get tidy.

1. Do it now

Being aware that a space is messy can be stressful. If you notice clutter accruing, don’t put off dealing with it, tidy it immediately to prevent the situation spiralling and worsening. In a busy professional environment it isn’t always possible to do this, but ensure that you jot the task down on your to do list and tackle it as soon as possible. Although ‘doing it now’ can feel like the worse option, anticipating ‘doing it later’ will actually take up much more of your time and mental energy.

2. Be ruthless

While it’s important to keep crucial paperwork, when it comes to all other clutter you need to be ruthless. If you don’t need it and don’t like it – it needs to go. Once a week, grab a binliner and a recycling bag, then get down to chucking away everything that is non-essential to your business.

3. Set up a system for paperwork

Paper is one of the biggest culprits behind clutter in the workplace. Setting up a system for paperwork will help you stay on top of the situation. An in tray and an out tray system can work well – as long as you keep up with it and don’t let documents languish. Everything in your out tray should be destined for a filing system or the post. Everything in your in tray should be dealt with ASAP. Anything else has no place on your desk and belongs in the recycling.

4. Host a monthly tidy up

Roping in your staff and colleagues will help make your space a tidier one and make everyone more aware of the work that goes in to keeping your professional space neat – resulting in tidier behaviour all round. If you can’t afford 30 minutes during the working day, buy in some beers, turn up the music and have a ‘Tidy Tuesday’ evening once a month which makes tidying up a social affair.

From decluttering and working around a hectic office to keep spaces clean underneath, The Abbey Cleaning Service are one of South Wales’ longest serving cleaning companies, offering exceptional cleaning services to commercial clients for over 40 years. To arrange a big tidy up, or to schedule regular cleaning appointments, contact our team today on 029 2067 9323.

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