Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to give your workplace a fresh burst of energy. The winter months can leave us feeling gloomy and more than a little demotivated. Harnessing the changing seasons could really reinvigorate your business.

With the productivity of UK workers stagnating in response to the Brexit negotiations, many British businesses could do with a little dose of positivity. Happy workplaces can result in happy employees, and workplace happiness correlates very strongly with higher levels of productivity. So why not take some steps to energise your entire enterprise?

To give your business a springtime buzz, we’ve come up with some energising ideas to transform your workplace…

1. Let it shine

Longer days and the start of British Summer Time on the 31st March 2019 mean more daylight for us all to enjoy. A lack of sunlight can result in low mood and even lead to poorer mental health. Many people believe greater exposure to sunlight, meanwhile, makes many people feel much happier. Maximising your employees’ access to daylight – therefore – just makes sense. Swap old curtains for blinds to let in more sunshine and ensure your windows are sparkling clean ready for spring.

2. Go green

Office plants can create a sense of wellbeing, show your staff that your care about your workplace, oxygenate offices and can even increase employee productivity by up to 15%. Now that spring is turning everything green, why not follow its lead and invest in some invigorating foliage for your office space. You can read about how to care for office plants here.

3. Make some noise

Music in the office can be a contentious issue. Some staff struggle to focus with background noise, others find music highly motivating. The type of tasks your staff are working on will impact whether or not music is invigorating or annoying. Reading and comprehension can be negatively affected by music. Routine, repetitive tasks, meanwhile, can be sped up by music. If you have an afternoon of filing on your hands, playing music could really help your team work faster. Take a poll of your staff to find out what they think of workplace music. Why not make a collaborative office playlist using Spotify?

4. Have a spring clean

Offices which are cared for make employees feel cared about, and when you care about your staff, they care about their work. It’s a win-win! This spring, take some time to clean up your office; refresh tired-out equipment, give your feature wall a fresh layer of wallpaper, clean behind all of the cabinets and declutter your storage. This last tip will also increase productivity by making it far easier for your team to access the stuff they need to work at their peak.

The Abbey Cleaning Service are spring cleaning specialists. Our team of commercial cleaners have been keeping the commercial spaces of South Wales in spotless condition for over 40 years. Book a deep clean or set up a cleaning rota with our team today. Get in touch on 029 2067 9323 or use our contact form.