There hasn’t been an awful lot of positive environmental news on the front pages lately. In fact, a wave of troubling environmental stories has been hitting newsstands and digital headlines in recent months. Amongst other troubling stories has emerged the particularly frightening news that Planet Earth may be swiftly approaching the point of “no return”, from which it will be unable to reverse its predicted hothouse state.

From sea ice melting and scorching summers, to air full of harmful emissions and oceans full of microbeads; one thing is clear – we need to start taking better care of our planet. And soon.

Individual, international & corporate responsibility

Whether you’re eating locally and seasonally, trying hard to following a zero waste lifestyle or cutting down on the number of flights you take, there are all sorts of ways we can each reduce our negative impact on the planet. There are also lots of regulations and bans in the pipeline at an international and national level. The EU, for example, has just backed a wide-reaching ban on single use plastics (including cotton buds, drink stirrers and drinking straws).

If you’re keen to do your bit as a business, there is a litany of things you can do to reduce your the environmental damage your company causes. Looking after our planet isn’t just a moral imperative, there are plenty of immediate benefits for businesses who work to be more environmentally responsible. From tax reliefs and special schemes, to a shinier, Greener image which customers love, there are all sorts of reasons to get more serious about “doing your bit” as a business.

How to reduce plastic waste in your office today

Cutting down on plastic waste is a big, environmental priority at the moment (just take a peek at the EU’s latest directive). Here are three quick ways you can make a difference in your workplace (don’t forget to check out these extra tips too):

1. Tupperware Tuesday

(…plus Thursday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Supermarkets are huge contributors to the stacks of plastic waste we get through. Encourage your team to bring in their own homemade food as often as possible to cut down on the amount of packaging which ends up in your workplace bins. If you can persuade them to switch to a Tupperware alternative – even better!

2. Reduce bins

Depending on your cleaning rota, you may wish to reduce the number of bins in your office. In many cases bin bags with just a few items in the bottom are removed and replaced everyday, which is a huge waste of bin liners! Fewer bins mean fuller bins. You may also want to talk to your cleaning company about making some changes.

3. No more plastic cups and bottles

Get rid of plastic cups by water coolers and taps. Instead provide glasses or encourage staff to make use of reusable, environmentally friendly bottles instead. A plastic water bottle ban will also help cut down on the plastic waste your team produces.

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