The evenings are still getting dark fairly early, the weather is cold, the puddles outside are muddy, and your workplace floor is looking grubbier by the minute. Whether your team are tracking in mulch from dead leaves or mud from their commute, carpets and floors can take a beating in the winter months, leaving them either slippery, scruffy or both.

To help keep your carpets and floor surfaces clean, we’ve compiled some top tips that will help you reduce wintry detritus and clean up any mess that does make it through your threshold…

1. Invest in “double doormats”

Decent doormats can radically reduce how much mud and sogginess makes it into your premises. At every exterior door, double up by placing one rugged mat – ideally with bristles – outside, and one softer, more absorbent mat inside. This will help staff and visitors get rid of mud and debris outside, then dry off their shoes as they enter, protecting your carpets from all sorts of wintry hardships.

2. Order boot-scrapers

If your staff habitually walk to work or your premises is plagued by a muddy car park, installing boot scrapers outside will give them the opportunity to get rid of any mess before entering the workplace.

3. Install signage

If dirt is becoming a real problem at your place of work, you may want to consider installing some signage to remind visitors and staff to wipe their feet. An overt notice may feel patronising, but an image of a dirty boot with a line through it should be just enough to prompt people’s memories without feeling too over-the-top.

4. Deep clean carpets more regularly

If you can’t beat ’em, you’re going to need to clean ’em. To keep your space spick and span during muddier months, you may want to schedule in more regular deep cleans of your carpet using a steam cleaner to keep your space looking more professional.

5. Keep a mop handy

From dribbling umbrellas to unwiped shoes, keeping a mop in easy reach will help ensure your tile, vinyl, wood and laminate surfaces are hazard-free without slip risks. This will also ensure your floors look sparkling clean throughout the winter.

As one of South Wales’ longest serving cleaning companies, The Abbey Cleaning Service has been keeping the region’s commercial spaces clean for 40 years – rain or shine, summer or winter. To implement a new winter cleaning regime or to learn more about our flexible office cleaning services (which includes carpet cleaning) then contact our friendly team today on 029 2067 9323.

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