Air purifiers are fantastic for freshening up offices. These helpful devices filter all sorts of nasties out of the air in workplaces: from dust and pollen to smoke particles, mould spores and other allergen-causing particles. Air purification can help keep your employees healthier, and provides particular benefits to individuals with asthma, allergies and other health concerns such as eczema.

But what happens when your hardworking air purifier becomes a little less than – well – “pure”? With regular use, air purifiers can build up dust and detritus, which means they are no longer able to filter air as efficiently. They may even pump some of these collected particles back out into your workplace. This can turn your purifier from a health benefit into a health hazard, so it’s important to be able to tell when your appliance needs a clean – and to know how to tackle the task.

Keeping your air purifier clean and well-maintained is a must. So, how do you do it?

1. Know your purifier

There are all sorts of different models and styles of air purifier out there, so it’s worthwhile getting to know your equipment. Some office purifiers are standalone appliances, while others are large, in-built commercial units. Source a manual and take particular note of how frequently filters require changing. Some purifiers will indicate when a change is required (around every 3-6 months), but it’s good to be on the ball.

2. Shut it down

When it’s time to clean your office air purifier, shut off the power and unplug the appliance in order to complete the task at hand safely.

3. Clean exterior components

Many purifiers feature exterior filters in the form of grates. Take time to clean exterior parts of your appliance to remove dust build up. This will prevent your fresh interior filter from sucking in old dust when you restart the machine. A damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner are good tools for the job.

4. Install the new filter

Replacing the old filter is the most crucial part of this process, and one which is fairly unique to each different model of air purifier. Refer back to your manual for full instructions for removing the air filter cover, the old filter and inserting the new one. Take care when removing the old filter, as a lot of particles can build up. You may wish to use gloves, protect your floor and have a dustbin close to hand.

5. Reset the machine

This step will, once again, depend on your specific appliance. However, after you have sealed the air filter cover, many air purifiers need to recognise that a new filter has been inserted. This may happen automatically, or you may need to restart your machine. Follow the instructions in your manual to complete the process.

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