The statistics famously say that we spend 33 years of our lives in bed. But what about all the years we spend sitting in office chairs? The furniture which supports us – day-in-and-day-out at work – is often overlooked. But desk chairs and workplace seating are amongst the most-used items in our offices. Seating fades into the background in workplaces, becoming ‘just part of the furniture,’ which is why office chairs are frequently neglected in cleaning rotas – despite receiving some of the heaviest usage in your workspace.

If you want to take better care of your office chairs, and make sure that these ‘high use’ objects are properly cleaned to protect staff and visitors, then this guide will explain how to clean your office seating effectively.

Work chairs come in a range of designs and styles, which means there is no ‘one way’ to clean them. The best way to approach deep cleaning your chairs is to consider the materials that they are made from. Then clean each element (for example, plastic backings and fabric seats) using the relevant approach below.

1. How to clean plastic chairs

Plastic is one of the easiest chair materials to clean. A simple spray of antibacterial cleaner and a warm, damp cloth will do the trick. Be sure not to use heavy-duty chemical sprays or scouring products to avoid damaging surfaces.

2. How to clean mesh chairs

Mesh may seem a little fiddly to clean, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. First, vacuum and dust or debris from your chair (handheld vacuum or a hoover nozzle work well for this task). Then use a slightly damp cloth (wring it out before use), with warm soapy water to gently wash the mesh element of your chair.

3. How to clean fabric chairs

The best way to approach cleaning fabric chairs is to be “in the know.” Search your chairs (or paperwork) for labels indicating the best cleaning method. There are some common symbols which might help you decide how to clean:

  • “W” – water-based cleaning products can be used.
  • “S” – use a solvent product (such as dry-cleaning solvent). Make sure the product you choose is water-free.
  • “WS” or “SW” – dry-cleaning products or water-based options can be used.
  • “X” – professional cleaning only.
  • “C” – Crypton cleaning (enzyme detergent or Crypton upholstery cleaner) can be used.

Whichever fabric type you are working with, there are some ‘general tips’ you can follow to clean your office chair:

  1. Remove any dust or debris using a handheld hoover or vacuum nozzle (make sure you get into those tricky cracks and corners).
  2. Spot test new products before applying them to your whole chair, to make sure they are safe to use.
  3. Never tip or pour cleaning solutions onto fabric surfaces. Instead apply using a cloth, or by sprinkling (if using a solid product) according to the product’s instructions.

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