More and more offices are becoming dog-friendly, with employees’ four-legged friends sometimes becoming part of the team. Whether your manager’s pooch is a regular face round the water cooler, or your accountant’s Dachshund commonly curls up near the photocopier on Fridays, our professional spaces are now increasingly open to canine chums.

But having a dog around isn’t always a walk in the park (if you’ll excuse the pun). Even if everybody on your staff is pro-dog, your office carpets probably won’t be. From muddy paws to molting coats, dogs add an extra level of mess to professional spaces which will need specialist cleaning.

While dogs can be a fun way to add a family feel and personality to the workplace, those not-so-great little extras like shedded fur and musty smells could send clients and contacts who visit your offices running in the opposite direction. But it is possible to embrace the best of both worlds (a dog-friendly space without unprofessional mess), as long as you have a great cleaning regime in place.

Here’s how to clean up after your workplace’s furriest inhabitants…

1. Invest in a top notch hoover

You (or your cleaning team) will need a good quality hoover to effectively remove dog hair, if your workplace has carpets. Powerful suction, excellent brush options and a top-of-the-line filter are all essential in a vacuum cleaner which is up to the task. You’ll want to hoover at least every other day (if pets are permanent office fixtures) in order to keep the place visibly fur-free, avoid triggering anyone’s allergies and steer clear of that musty pet smell.

2. Clean all dog accessories

If you keep a dog bed, blankets or toys in your offices, you’ll need to clean or replace them regularly to reduce bad odours and breeding bacteria. Wash any fabrics on a high heat to keep them truly clean.

3. Take action against accidents

No matter how well-trained your dog, accidents happen. When they do, you need to act very quickly to avoid permanent stains and long-lasting whiffs. Keep the equipment you need to deal with any ‘whoopsies’ on hand. This kit may include rubber gloves, plastic bags and a powerful, enzyme-based cleaning spray that will destroy any nasty bacteria.

4. Freshen up

It’s not easy to leave windows open during the cooler months, but ensuring your workplace is well aired is one way to minimise lingering pet smells. If you can’t give your office a dose of fresh air each day, investing in air fresheners (such as plug-ins and reed diffusers) is one way to ensure that your office continues to smell inviting and professional.

Arrange spotless cleaning for your office, whether it’s a pet-friendly workplace or strictly dog-free. The Abbey Cleaning Service carries out commercial cleaning services on workplaces of all types across Cardiff, South Wales and beyond. Contact us today to plan your rota: 029 2067 9323.

[Image credit – Elizabeth K. Joseph]