Running a dental surgery is seriously hard work. Teams are usually very small, with high expectations for each member. Between the secretary, hygienist, nurse, and the dentist themselves, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room (or time) to clean, beyond preparing and tidying between clients.

You and your team shouldn’t have to clean – but that’s the way it goes a lot of the time, especially with back-to-back appointments and no opportunity for cleaners to work in core hours. It’s not going to be a long-term solution, though, and staff will naturally push towards getting a proper dental surgery cleaning partner.

And “partner” is the operative word.

What you need is a cleaning team you can trust, to take care of cleaning your dental practice out of hours (or outside core hours, at least). Trust can only come with communication and time – which means there’s always some form of risk going in.

In this post, we’re going to try to help you reduce that risk, by highlighting the most important things to look for in dentist cleaners and cleaning services.

1. Safety first

Any cleaners hired to work in a medical setting should be aware of basic safety around contamination. They’ll need to know about things like needle stick injuries, hazardous waste (like dental amalgam), and what cleaning products are suitable for use in a dental environment.

Of course, cleaning experts aren’t medical experts – so you’ll need to consult your cleaner about any hazards you foresee. Taking a little bit of time to run through your sharps and hazardous waste bins – and discussing the suitability of cleaning chemicals with them – will avoid damage to equipment, and harm to patients or staff.

An experienced professional cleaning company will have a strong onboarding process to make sure this is all covered.

2. Compliance

Like we said at the top – it’s all about trust. Patient records and medical information are at stake here. You’ll need to know your cleaning service is reputable and compliant with GDPR and Data Protection. Look for cleaners who offer safety checks for their staff, and who have experience working around sensitive information.

3. Professionalism

There will be times where your cleaning schedule overlaps with appointments and periods when staff are present. Your cleaners should be uniformed, well-equipped, knowledgeable – and of course, conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times (even when working out of hours).

You should also be confident that sickness and absences will be covered, and that quick cleans will be available when you need them.

4. Check reviews

Look for reviews online, and be careful of fakes. If you can’t find any reviews, ask for references from other dental surgery owners who have used the cleaner’s services before.

Here are some of ours, for example: check out our testimonials here.

If you can’t find either – that should put some red flags up!

5. Look for partnership

The longer you work with someone, the more you learn their ins and outs. Same goes for cleaners. With long-term partnership, we’ve got to know our customers brilliantly – and we can work to their exact needs.

In dental practices and medical environments, this is especially important. Predictable reliability is a cornerstone of safety and patient trust, and a dirty dentist’s office is unacceptable. Set your standards, and find a cleaning partner that can rise to them.

And if you find yourself needing a dental practice cleaning service in Cardiff or the surrounding area – The Abbey Cleaning Service is the one for you.

We tick all the boxes, but we also know how tough dentistry can be. We’ll work with you, as a close partner, to make sure you get a cleaning service at a standard as high as your own.

Professional dental practice cleaning

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