Cleaning offices at night is an absolute win-win.

The office workday goes unimpeded by the sound of vacuum cleaners. Hard floors are safe to walk on, without fear of slipping (or leaving shoe prints) – and the air is dust-free. It’s no wonder that at The Abbey Cleaning Service, we prefer cleaning offices in the evenings and out of office hours.

Of course, we work to a multitude of schedules and will accommodate our clients’ needs on a case-by-case basis. But generally speaking, our customers prefer it as well.

And it’s got to be said… the benefits of cleaning offices at night go both ways; not just for customers, but for cleaning professionals, too. It’s easier and cheaper to travel, there’s plenty of room to do the job – and nobody to disturb in the process!

The biggest benefit to cleaning offices at night is obviously that there’s no disruption to the workflow of either office workers or cleaners – but there’s so much more to it than that.

The benefits of office cleaning at night

In this post, we’ll talk about cleaning offices at night, and how something so simple can have knock-on effects that benefit businesses and cleaning professionals to boot.

Stay on top of energy prices

Right now, the cost of energy is a major concern, and quite a lot of businesses in Cardiff are finding themselves with electric bills more than three-times higher than they were just a couple of years ago.

Cleaning offices at night means that the energy used to do a clean is cheaper, as it’s charged at the off-peak rate. This will add up, considering that the best commercial vacuum cleaners on the market can have 3,000 watt motors, and run for an hour on a big clean.

Bang for buck

Let’s face it, office space isn’t exactly cheap in Cardiff. Making the most of it, especially in these times of hybrid working, is more important than ever – but getting the most out of your cleaning service is equally as important. Cleaning offices at night allows for a proper office deep clean, as cleaners can tackle tasks that might be challenging while people are working at their desks.

Take the dirtiest places in the office as an example – in order to properly clean a workstation, including the phone and the mouse, work has to stop. But not if the clean is being done at night. This isn’t just a productivity booster, but a hygiene booster, too!

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We get that cleaning isn’t exactly the jazziest thing to be going on when visitors and clients pop in during the day. A clean office is amazing – and we’re super proud of what we do – but cleaning with discretion is just that little bit more “pro”.

Providing a spotless work environment without ever seeing the cleaning actually happen is like a really good magic trick. Do it right, and nobody will be sure you did anything at all…

Happier workers (and cleaners!)

A clean office is a happy office – and when your team can walk straight into a spotless workplace, without having to contend with vacuum cleaners, dusters and disturbances, they’ll be much happier about getting down to business.

But it’s easier on cleaning professionals, too. A lot of our team choose cleaning because it’s a flexible profession, and working out of office hours means that they can work to their lifestyle. Cleaning offices at night means that there’s less traffic on the way to a job, and there’ll always be space in the car park – but it also makes the actual job easier and more comfortable. That means we can do more in less time, providing the consistently excellent level of service that our customers choose us for.

Get Your Office Cleaned Out of Hours

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