It may only be February but – with a fresh year upon us and spring just around the corner – it’s a great time to give your professional space a spruce-up, ready for a fantastic 2016.

Offering everything from weekly cleaning rotas to one-off deep cleans, our team knows a thing or two about getting commercial areas and offices spick-and-span come springtime. To help you do it yourself, we’ve put together a few essential spring cleaning steps for your office or professional space. Time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

1. Tackle the carpets

Winter can seriously take its toll on carpeted areas. Soggy shoes, muddy feet and gritted roads all get stamped into your office carpets, leaving them looking worse for wear come dryer months. That makes a deep carpet clean an essential spring cleaning step for commercial spaces, helping to noticeably brighten up the area.

Rather than a quick vacuum, invest in a deep clean for your carpeting. There are plenty of steam cleaners available to rent, or why not let your local, friendly South Wales office cleaning service can take care of the task for you? (That’s us!)

2. Get moving

How often do you clean behind those cabinets or give the top shelves of that unit a good dusting? A deep spring clean is a great time to conquer those hidden, neglected and forgotten spots in your commercial space. Make sure that you move each piece of furniture and equipment to ensure every nook and cranny is dust and dirt free.

3. Let the light in

As the days get longer and those dark, dreary mornings and evenings come to an end, you’ll want to make the most of the extended daylight in your commercial space. Over the winter, snow, sleet and rain can leave your windows looking grubby. A good clean of their exteriors and interiors will make a big difference to your workplace, brightening it up ready for the spring and a fresh year.

4. Cut the clutter

The festive period can be an incredibly hectic time, whatever your line of business. This means that, when the New Year arrives, all sorts of clutter can build up unaddressed. Take this time to sort through your commercial space, recycling and removing unneeded papers and items to leave your workplace feeling more spacious, more professional and less stressful to work in.

This is also a good opportunity to instil a better system for storage and filing, etc. If necessary, invest in better storage spaces or a new organisational system to help keep your space clutter-free throughout 2016.

5. Spruce up the exterior

Wintry weather can gradually leave the outside of your premises looking less than lovely – without you even noticing. From cleaning windows, to scrubbing signage and tidying up green areas, giving the exterior of your space a facelift will give visitors a far better first impression and make your business an even better place to come to work.

Short on time for a thorough spring clean? The Abbey Cleaning Service can help. We’re one of South Wales’ longest running commercial and office cleaning companies, helping the region’s workplaces look great and feel fresh for over 40 years. To find out more about our flexible services, please contact a member of the Abbey Cleaning team on 029 2067 9323 today!

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