Do you rely on your cleaning contractor to bring all the kit required to keep your premises clean? That just won’t do! While relying on your cleaning team’s hoovers and surface sprays may be cost effective, it certainly isn’t sensible. Whether it’s a nasty spill or a smashed mug, it’s always helpful to have accessible cleaning equipment on hand to make sure you’re not left in the lurch. And even if your company has a cleaning cupboard, it might be locked, with only the cleaners having access to it… Sounds ridiculous, but it can (and does) happen.

Dealing with mishaps like spills and smashes promptly is important in any business. From ensuring your premises looks clean and professional for visitors, to preventing health and safety concerns such as slips and trips, there are lots of reasons for businesses to be prepared when it comes to keeping clean.

To tackle messes as soon as they crop up, we’ve put together our five essential pieces of cleaning equipment every business should have to hand…

1. A hoover

It’s very common for businesses to rely on their cleaning provider to pitch up with a hoover, but what happens when spills or other messes prove problematic and need clearing up pronto? Whether you opt for a useful hand-held vacuum, a convenient Henry or something with more ‘firepower’, it’s a very wise idea to keep a hoover handy at your workplace.

2. A “Wet Floor” sign

Keep employees and visitors safe (and protect yourself from a nasty injury claim) by ensuring your business has a wet floor sign handy. You never know when a cup of tea is going to go flying, or when a mucky floor is going to need a quick mopping.

3. A mop

Spills and dirt which come into contact with hard floors are best taken care of with a quick mop up. Although you probably rely on your cleaning team to take care of mopping, having the kit on site will ensure you can tackle any mess which crops up while they’re off duty.

4. Plenty of cleaning cloths

From messy kitchen counters to coffee splattered desks, there will always be a need for cleaning cloths within workplaces. Whether your staff want to give their computer monitors a wipe or a microwave explosion needs cleaning, having a good stash of cleaning equipment will ensure messes are handled quickly, not left to linger.

5. Multiple surface sprays

Just as cleaning cloths are essential kit for businesses to stash on site, so too are antibacterial surface sprays. These products will ensure germs and nasties aren’t left to linger on surfaces, and help your staff to keep messes to a minimum as they arise.

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