They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your business’ exterior, appearances really do matter. Whether you’re being visited by a potential client, a job candidate, an inspector, a valued customer or a business contact, every individual entering your premises will form a first impression of your company based on the appearance of your building. And, as we all know, first impressions count!

So how can you make sure your business looks as good as possible and make certain visitors form the best possible opinion of your operation before they get through the door? We think a bit of housekeeping is in order…

Here are a few “sprucing up” tasks to keep on top of in order to ensure your business creates the right first impression, every time.

1. Keep paint looking pristine

Is the exterior of your business painted? Paint can chip and fade, leaving your premises looking uncared for. Arranging visits from an exterior painter, decorator or handyman every three years should be enough to keep your paint job looking pristine. Book a top up as soon as winter is over to get the most out of your repaint.

2. Ensure signage sparkles

Does anything make a business look shabbier than missing letters and drooping signage? The name of your business should be loud and proud on the front of your building, not hanging at half mast. Demonstrate that you take pride in your work by investing time in upkeep for your signage whether that means a monthly wash, an annual repaint or regular maintenance to ensure everything is secure.

3. Wipe those windows

A bit of dust on your windows probably won’t show up from afar, but if you let your office’s windows go unwashed for too long mold then dirt and grime can quickly build up, leaving your office building looking unloved from the outside. Grimy windows are also no good for staff. Natural daylight and the feeling that their employer cares about their environment are important to morale and employee engagement, too! Schedule regular window cleaning appointments (we offer a dependable, affordable service across South Wales) to stay on top of the situation.

Call in the experts to ensure your office exterior looks professional. Our commercial cleaning specialists help businesses across Cardiff and the South Wales area to stay sparkling clean inside and out, whether you’re looking for window cleaning or a full weekly rota. Contact us today on 029 2067 9323 to arrange your first appointment.