It’s rare that former tenants leave business premises in mint condition. Even with a better-than-average predecessor, you’ll probably have a few touch-ups to sort out and scrub downs to take care of. In a worst case scenario, you could have days of cleaning up to do before your team can move into your new HQ.

Whether it’s overlooked, dusty vents, or a store cupboard which hasn’t been cleared out since the 1990s, there are all sorts of messes that you might encounter in a new business premises. Dusty skirting boards, cobwebby ceilings, fingerprint-smeared windows – there’s an awful lot you might need to take in your stride before your space looks as professional as you’d like it to.

But enough stalling! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and apply a spot of elbow grease to the situation. Here are our top tips for cleaning your new business HQ (if you’re looking to do it yourself)…

1. Work from the top down

There’s no point painting the ceiling after you’ve washed the walls. And there’s no point sanding your floorboards before you’ve painted the walls. Work from the top down when perfecting your new office space to make sure you don’t undo any of your hard work.

If your building’s painted walls aren’t looking too bad, skip the paint job and give them a quick refresh with a mixture of warm water, a squeeze of washing up liquid and a dash of white wine vinegar. Use a soft cloth to very gently wash walls with this mixture (always try a test patch first) to get rid of dirty marks.

2. Hoover everything

Using a hoover to get rid of dust and cobwebs on ceilings and walls (and in those hard to reach places, too) will save you a lot of time compared to taking the old fashioned approach with a duster.

3. Get proper gear for the floor

Whether the wood floor is scratched, dinked, dented and stained, or the carpeting is grubby and coffee-splattered, it’s worth investing in some kit which will take care of business (unless you plan to replace the surface altogether). Hiring a proper carpet cleaner or floor sander will give your surfaces a proper revamp, leaving the space looking and feeling a lot cleaner.

4. Don’t miss the “little things”

There are lots of small aspects of a new office space which can be overlooked during the “big clean”. Before you move in, double-check these spots to ensure your new offices are fresh for your team. Some easily forgotten aspects include air conditioning vents (these often get clogged with duct), tucked-away areas in bathrooms (behind toilets and sinks for example) and the tops of cupboards (dust and grime accumulate very quickly in these spaces). Don’t forget to give your windows a good polish both inside and out, too.

Call in the professionals to transform your new office into a gleamingly clean professional space. The Abbey Cleaning Service has worked with businesses in Cardiff and across South Wales area for over 40 years, offering one-off deep cleaning services, alongside regular scheduled cleaning. Arrange a deep clean or develop a regular rota with our experienced team today. Get in touch on 029 2067 9323 or use our contact form.