You’d be amazed at just how quickly walls can start to look grimy and scuffed. Seriously, just take a moment to give your walls a quick look. We’re pretty confident that you’ll notice marks, fingerprints and all manner of unexpected yucky stuff you hadn’t noticed before, especially if your workplace is a busy one.

It’s not something that we think about as part of our usual cleaning routine – or indeed something we think about doing at all – but our walls really do need a good wash from time to time to prevent our office spaces from starting to look grubby without us even noticing. Because walls attract dirt and marks so gradually, their condition can deteriorate to a pretty shabby state beneath our very noses. Which is precisely why it’s time to get washing…

If your painted walls need a wash, these simple steps will help you get the job done:

1. Choose your moment

Spring or summer are the best seasons for washing your walls as a fine day will allow you to open your windows to help hasten the drying process.

2. Dust yourself off

Before you get washing, make sure you tackle any dust which may have accrued on walls, cornices and skirting boards. A good, sturdy duster with a long handle can do the job, but wrapping a clean towel around a broom brush is also a very effective technique that gets the job done quickly.

3. Stay safe

With the dusting done, it’s time to get scrubbing. But before you pick up your wash cloth, always ensure that you’re working in a safe way. That means using a stable step ladder to reach the top of your walls – not a wobbly chair or an office chair with wheels on it. If you don’t feel secure, don’t go ahead, or ask someone to spot you.

4. Get scrubbing

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves. A simple, colourless wash cloth (which doesn’t leave behind any fluff or lint) and a bucket of warm soapy water is all you need to make a good job of wall washing. Work from the top down, scrubbing in gentle circles and changing your soapy water whenever it starts looking really grubby.

5. Rinse your walls

With your elbow grease successfully expended, it’s time for the last stage – a quick rinse. Wring out your cloth and refill your bucket with water. Do not add soap. Then quickly run over your freshly clean walls to remove any suds or leftover dirt. And that’s it! Clean, blemish-free walls!

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