The politics of the office fridge can be complex. From almond milk featuring passive aggressive name labels to controversial stolen yoghurts, this area of the workplace can be alarmingly territorial and fraught. But whatever the “refrigerator politics” at your place of work, there’s no disputing the fact that keeping the whole thing clean is a must.

That’s because fridges can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and other nasties. An unclean fridge could even lead to a company-wide stomach bug, costing your business a lot of man hours and seriously impacting productivity.

From E Coli to salmonella, unclean fridges could be harbouring all sorts of potentially very nasty. With one in seven of us suffering from food poisoning every year, it makes sense to reduce the risk by keeping workplace fridges fresh and clean.

But the incentives to get scrubbing don’t stop there. Employers who care about the condition of their workplaces typically have happier, more productive staff. Showing employees that their comfort and their environment matter to you will make them feel more positive about their role.

A whiffy fridge is a sure-fire way to send out the message that you do not care about employee comfort, which makes keeping it clean a priority.

So what’s the best approach to this task?

1. Give fair warning

Clearing out an office fridge isn’t as straightforward as giving your home refrigerator a spruce up. With lots of different items in there, ensuring you don’t get in any bad books by chucking out an employee’s lunch is important. Before you get cleansing, send out an office-wide email to staff to give them notice, and host a “fridge amnesty” asking them to remove anything they want to keep at a specified time. Chuck the remaining forgotten food away and get scrubbing!

2. Remove shelves & drawers

With the refrigerator empty, it’s time to remove the shelves and drawers, giving them a good soak and thorough scrub in a sink full of warm, soapy water. Leave these elements to dry while you roll up your sleeves and tackle the fridge’s interior.

3. Clean the interior

A sponge, warm water and some washing up liquid should be enough to give your fridge a quick, hygienic wipe down. Antibacterial kitchen wipes also work well for this purpose. Make certain you get into any crevices and hard-to-reach areas to ensure you’re getting rid of any lurking bacteria. If you come across any especially stubborn stains, scrubbing with baking soda often works well.

4. Deep clean regularly

Your fridge may be sparkling now, but it won’t last for long – especially in a communal office fridge. Most people clean their fridge 2-3 times a year, but this is nowhere near frequent enough to keep bacteria at bay. Make sure you clean your office fridge at least monthly to protect the health of your staff and to prevent nasty smells and spillages developing.

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