Your business premises are the physical “face” your company presents to the world. The outside of your building is the first thing potential employees, business contacts and prospective clients will see when they visit your company. This means that the exterior of your business strongly influences the first impression people form of your enterprise.

A clean, attractive exterior may tell visitors than this is a proactive company which cares about presentation. An unkempt exterior may suggest that a business does not invest in the comfort of staff, or indeed its image, conjuring a range of negative associations in the minds of visitors.

Your company may maintain a spotless interior, but all-too-often office exterior cleaning is neglected and forgotten (especially over the winter). To ensure your company looks the part, these five office building cleaning tips will help polish your image from the outside…

1. Refresh your walls

Over time, a building’s exterior walls can become grubby, especially if your premises is based in an industrial area or in an area with higher levels of pollution. Depending on the surface, different techniques will be required to restore your walls to their former glory. For brickwork, jet-washing can be used to blast away dirt and discolouration. For painted walls, a fresh coat of paint may be required (following washing) to revamp their appearance.

2. Keep up with seasonal jobs

Whether you’re hiring a leaf-blower to keep office courtyards clear of fallen leaves, gritting your pathways to save staff and visitors from icy slips in winter, or weeding rogue greenery through spring, summer and autumn, it’s important to stay on top of nature.

If your office includes a paved area, patio weedkiller will help you banish unwelcome greenery, which can quickly make a workplace exterior look unkempt. If your premises is home to bushes, trees, grassy areas or flower beds, tending to these appropriately with regular trimming and care will ensure your property looks welcoming and cared for.

3. Clean your gutters

It’s easy to overlook gutter clearing, but staying on top of this task will ensure your gutters remain in good condition, without cracking or breaking. Pay particular attention to this job during the autumn leaf fall, and repeat the task after winter to ensure your gutters are cleared out ready for spring.

4. Wash your windows

Greasy, smeared windows don’t just look unprofessional from the outside, they also impact the amount of light inside your building. Peering out through dirty windows can be particularly demoralising for staff. Set up a regular window cleaning service to ensure your building looks sparkling clean throughout the year.

5. Litter pick regularly

Even with plenty of nearby bins, rubbish can accumulate in your grounds. Litter can negatively affect visitors’ perceptions of your business. To make sure your premises stay trash-free, invest in litter pickers and take a stroll around your building to clear away any rubbish every so often. The perfect excuse for a breath of fresh air!

Leave commercial exterior cleaning to the professionals. The Abbey Cleaning Service has kept South Wales-based businesses spotlessly clean – inside and out – for the past four decades. Request a full exterior clean, set up regular window cleaning or plan a complete commercial cleaning rota with our team today by calling us on 029 2067 9323.