Every business is unique. That means every office space they inhabit is different – and every cleaning routine they require is a little different too. Whether you work as an office manager in a solicitors’ office, or a computer programmer at an IT company, your office will have its own set of cleaning needs, specific to the work you do and your office’s everyday goings-on.

In this post we’ll be taking a closer look at the unique needs that a solicitors’ office may have when it comes to cleaning; from keeping things confidential, to ensuring private spaces are kept pristine – ready for crucial conversations…

1. Shredding smartly

Confidentiality can be a big issue in many different industries, from healthcare to law. A solicitors’ office will have its own tight regulations regarding keeping client data and documents private. Failure to protect the privacy of clients could lead to serious legal and financial repercussions – including significant fines. This type of error could also lead to companies losing clients and damaging their reputation.

Although much client data and documentation is now dealt with online, there are still plenty of pieces of paper likely to be floating around a solicitors office with client information on. These must be shredded as soon as they are no longer in use, after which they must be securely destroyed. They must also not be taken out of the office if they feature identifiable information. You can read up more on how to properly deal with physical documents here.

Some businesses choose to set up a shredder close to a designated confidential document bin and ensure staff and their cleaning team know the rules.

2. Knowing your cleaners

When confidentiality is such a crucial issue, knowing exactly who is working within your premises is very important. That may mean running background checks on your cleaning team, requesting a DBS check for each staff member or asking cleaning staff to sign NDAs to protect business interests and client privacy.

3. Priming private spaces

There are many very sensitive conversations which happen in a solicitors’ office, whether your office deals in family or corporate law. As such, when private talks need to happen, the environments they take place in should be suitable and professional. That may mean wiping up coffee rings between back-to-back meetings. It may mean freshening up the space with fresh flowers every two days to set the right tone for your unique client base.

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